For Teachers

For Teachers

In this section, we provide information for teachers about:

  • Training Classes
  • Annual Requirements
  • Teacher Resources
  • Teacher Application Process

Teacher Training Classes

Series’ Overview
– Three hours on a Saturday, 4 times a year. Introduce and provide teaching tips for our upcoming curriculum for Good News Clubs.

Quick Start Training
– 8 hours training for a new Good News Club team, scheduled as needed.

Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 or TCE 1
– 32 hours – The course focuses on reaching the unsaved child.  Held one day a week for 5 weeks

Teaching Children Effectively Level 2 or TCE 2
– 32 hours – TCE 1 required before enrolling.  The course focuses on the spiritual development of the saved child.

Children’s Ministry Institute
– Diploma programs are available for children’s teachers and ministry leaders, not just for CEF workers. Check their website for more information: – Some courses available online.

Annual Requirements for Teachers

  1. Listen to the CEF Child Protection Policy at (866) 878-4182 or watch Protecting Today’s Child
  2. Review the Statement of Faith.
  3. Review and submit the Worker’s Compliance Agreement.  No worker can participate in any ministry without submitting a Worker’s Compliance Agreement each ministry year. The year is defined from January through December.
  4. Teachers must agree to a background screen every 5 years. You will be notified when your 5-year recheck is due. 

Teaching Materials

In Our Office
  • Salvation tracts suitable for children
  • Every Day with God Devotional Books
  • The Wonder Devotional Books

Every lesson series contains these teaching aids:

  • A lesson overview provides teachers with a quick-glance focus for preparation
  • Easy-to-follow symbols indicate the type of applications to be taught
  • Story facts in outline form help you navigate smoothly through the lesson
  • A convenient class schedule guides you through a dynamic teaching hour
  • Sidebar notes help teach the learning styles of the children
  • Shaded segments in the lesson show precisely where and how to apply the truth of the lesson to saved and unsaved children
  • Preschool helps
  • Memory verse teaching helps
  • Reproducible take-home verse tokens
  • Learning activities
  • Counseling tools
  • Review questions and games
  • Suggested songs
Teacher Application Process

All workers for CEF of Silicon Valley must comply with the following process in order to be considered as a potential ministry worker.

  1. Because evangelism is a calling from God, Good News Club volunteers agree to keep their assignment for at least the entire school year, or until a replacement worker can be trained so as not to put the Club in jeopardy and to always have sufficient workers so the minimum 2-worker rule is never violated. This allows CEF of Silicon Valley to be a reliable and trustworthy ministry for parents and school officials.
  2. Complete the online application. This allows you to enter your personal information in a private and secure manner.
  3. Once the background screening is complete, applicants will be interviewed by the chapter director.