Children In Crisis Online Seminar

CEF NorCal invites you to attend the Children In Crisis seminar. This seminar will identify significant issues affecting children and how you can respond in a helpful and Biblical way. Issues such as illness, death, divorce, abuse, and how to support children. There is no charge, but pre-registration is required. Seven courses will be offered. Please choose the 2 you want to participate in for this seminar. There are limits per session so register quickly to secure reservations for the topics most relevant to you. 



Thank you for all that has signed up and attended our online seminar. If you have you missed it the recordings for each class will be below.


Illness & Death

The pandemic has forced children to see and hear a lot about illness and death. Many have experienced it with loved ones for the first time. This discussion will focus on how to support kids as they see the effects of illness and death. Appropriate expectations of kids and your responses will be addressed.

Wonder Why?

Do you ever wonder why there is so much evil in the world? Because evil exists and because God (apparently) hasn't done anything about it, does that mean He isn't good, or powerful, or that perhaps He doesn't exist at all? These are questions that every generation the world over seeks answers to, including children. Have you settled the questions in your own mind, and do you desire to give solid answers to the next generation? Learn when and how to use the tools of empathy, logic, and biblical truth, in engaging and shaping the emotions, minds, and worldview of children in crisis.

Sexual Abuse

It's a hard topic to talk and think about, but child sexual abuse is hitting our kids extra hard right now, especially in the midst of lock downs. Scripture tells us to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves (Proverbs 31.8) Come to this session and learn what signs to look for, ways to intervene and how you can minister to those who have been hurt in this way.

Christian Child

Take a moment to think of the young Christian children in your life, your church or neighborhood. Do you know each struggle they are going through? What if when you saw them next, they had a sign that said, “I am hurting.” or “Bad things happened to me this week.” or “I am spiritually starving.”? What could you do for them? Would you be prepared to help the Christian children grow in troubled times? In this seminar you will learn how to purposefully plan, pray, and instill the correct concept of God in new believers. These children need love, encouragement, a Christian example to look up to, and someone who truly cares about their spiritual growth. You can be that person!

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety, isolation, depression and thoughts of suicide are plaguing today’s generation. We’ll discuss practical tools to give these kids the hope of Jesus.

Hope for Kids of Divorced & Single-Parent Families

Many children come from homes that do not have both a mom and a dad present. While divorced and single-parent families are a common scenario in many homes across the United States, the challenges that children face run deep. In this seminar we will identify common emotional and behavioral struggles children face. More importantly, we will also explore how the Church can truly show the love of Jesus,  avoid common errors, and offer the hope of healing in these situations. 

Children with Special Needs

Join Alyssa Cruz, M.Ed., BCBA and Tony Cruz CEF NorCal State Director in talking about the specific needs and supports that children with special needs may require when participating in ministry events. This seminar will discuss common types of special needs and their challenges, suggestions and strategies on how to effectively minister to children who have special needs, and creative ways to get engage typical children in the ministry process.