We help children find strength through the love of Jesus.

In our 300+ after school programs in Northern CA, children are learning about the gospel and discovering God’s love for them. 

“I like the Good News Clubs because we learn about God and we always play games”

- Isabella

Today’s children need more courage than ever before...

Children today face unique challenges and pressures that are difficult to navigate. News outlets flood our screens with conflict, confusion, and criticism. Smartphones amplify peer pressure, gossip, bullying, and encourage children to live their lives on a social media stage. And more families struggle to find time to seek solace and comfort in the community of their local church. We’re making it easier for children to face these challenges with courage.

Our Story in Numbers


300+ Public School Clubs

1,600 Professions of Faith

12,000 Children Reached

48 Counties Served

Our programs teach children in Northern California about Jesus and his unconditional love for them.

“We learn about Jesus in a fun way, and we’re able to sing and dance and hang out with our friends and one thing that has really impacted me is one of the songs we sing which is ‘Have you ever talked to God’ because I feel it’s speaking to me.”

- Charlotte

At CEF NorCal, we work with children in our Good New Clubs, and our bible study programs to share the word of the gospel, so that they can experience the wonderment of Jesus Christ.

Children are born with everything they need to lead great lives, but these seeds of greatness can be crushed if they’re left to wander alone in a harsh world.

We can’t erase the world’s problems overnight, but we can nurture children to develop the strength of character to not only face the journey ahead, but bloom into amazing adults.

And it starts by learning about Jesus’ love for them.

For many children who come to our Good News Clubs or bible study programs, learning that they are loved and accepted is incredibly powerful, and provides a tremendous amount of comfort.

But that’s just the beginning.

Because we find that the natural exuberance, and wonderment of children burns even brighter when they learn about the gospel. In fact, we find that when you reach a child, they don’t just learn the gospel… They live the gospel.

What does this mean through the eyes of a child?


  • They make emotionally strong decisions and resist peer pressure
  •  They treat themselves with respect, and build healthy relationships
  •  They choose compassion and understanding instead of gossip and spite
  •  They have the strength to help others even when they need help themselves
  •  They find comfort in the Bible when they need answers and guidance


And they know that with God’s love, they will never be alone.

Helping children today while building a legacy for tomorrow!

“What’s really impacted me at Good News Club is we get to spend time with each other and play and have fun, and then we get a little snack at the end… My favourite memory verse is Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you, be strong and courageous, do not be afraid for the lord your god is with you wherever you go.”

- Broderick

Today, the children we work with learn to develop emotional strength, to make good decisions, how to be resilient in the face of adversity, and how to grow into strong, courageous adults.


But what starts with them, becomes much bigger as they share those values with:


  • Their families – we often see siblings, parents, aunts and uncles come to Christ, or return to the church with what they learn from a child in a Good News Club
  • Other children – many children stay with us and train to be teachers
  • The world – these children are the next-wave generation of Christians with the potential to increase numbers of people turning to the Christian faith.


The world may be in pain today, and it won’t be solved with more conflict, it will be solved by love, and faith, and time, as the message of the Gospel is multiplied over generations, starting with the children in our clubs today.

How do we do this?

There are many ways that we reach out to children who would benefit from hearing about Jesus Christ including…

These popular clubs are run by trained teachers with the support of parents, and hosted in schools, homes, community centers, churches, just about anywhere else children can easily and safely meet with their parent’s permission.

This exciting, fun-filled, 90 minute club, held each day for five consecutive days include: dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, inspiring missionary stories, meaningful songs, and life-changing scripture memorization.

In our CYIA camps, we train teenagers how to share the gospel. We send them out to hold fun Legos party clubs and drive-thru outreaches to help share God’s word, and what Jesus did in fun, creative ways that spark the passion in children.

Why people who love Jesus and Children, love what we do.

There are many worthy causes, and our goal is to build relationships with people who share our passion for helping children and sharing the Gospel.

If that sounds like you, we would love you to be a friend of CEF Norcal, and it might be useful to hear why people like you, support us.

“My apartment complex hosted a five day club. Although I wasn’t really interested, I went with my younger niece. Each day the teachers would joyfully teach us the gospel and constantly remind us about god’s love. After 5 days I decided to accept Jesus Christ into my life. I was amazed by how much he loved me… I still cherish one of the many promises they taught me: “Jesus will never leave me. The Lord is my helper. -based on Hebrews ch 13 vs 5:6 - this promise has helped me through many difficult situations as I was growing up in my faith.

- Diana Tobanchez Ortiz

How to get involved?

We would love to share more about what we do with you and there are many ways you can be involved, but what’s the best next step?

1: Child safety and parental permission is paramount

Every child gets to hear about Jesus in a safe place and with parental support. All of our teachers and volunteers have passed extensive safety checks, and we build relationships with parents, who are always welcome to see our work firsthand. Building trust this way means children have a safe place where they can focus on learning the Gospel.

2: We invest in training and materials to deliver the best experience

We make sure our teachers have the materials, training, and ongoing support to do their best work. This means that our teachers are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and ready to share the Gospel clearly and with integrity.

3: We’re doing local work (with a worldwide impact)

One of the things supporters of CEF NorCal love is that they know the work is being done right in 48 local counties, and any funding goes directly to support this work. But we know that the children we help today, can heal the world tomorrow as they also grow and share the Gospel with others on their life’s journey.