Stock Donations

YOU can share the gospel with a child by giving a $100 donation. On average, every $100 expand attendance of a Good News Club by one child. 

CEF NorCal Accepts stocks!

 You can support the ministry by transferring shares of publicly-traded securities directly from your non-retirement brokerage account to ours. This is something that you can do yourself, in a few minutes, without any middlemen or outside help. And there is no minimum transaction, we will accept just one share of stock, or any amount you choose. If you need help with this process please contact Craig Mechling at (408) 541-9720

Here is how to Donate Shares of Stock:


  1. Log In to your own brokerage firm’s website
  2. Use Search function to locate online form to “Give Shares or Securities to an Individual or Organization”
  3. Complete the form by selecting nonretirement account, specific stock, # of shares you want to donate
  4. Enter the CEF NorCal routing information as follows:
    2. Name of Organization: CEF NORCAL
    3. DTC Number: 0443
    4. Account Number: 33L256667
  5. Notify CEF NorCal of your donation to obtain tax deduction receipt: