Basic Training For Kids Who Know Nothing

24 years ago, at a home-based Good News Club® that Nadya I taught in Turlock, I asked the children if they knew why we celebrated Easter. “It’s someone up in heaven’s birthday” they replied. Their answer stunned me. They sincerely had no clue that the “Someone” was Jesus, and there certainly was no distinction between His “birthday” and resurrection day. I had heard, read, and been taught that children were increasingly ignorant of anything biblical, but I was confronted with it for the first time and was stunned.

Now those children’s children are in our current Good News Clubs. At a visit last month to Salida Elementary, Fran Denlinger, one of the teachers, came up to me and pointed out two young boys on the right side of the room. “Those two boys came today for the first time”, she told me. “And they know absolutely nothing about God”, she continued.

“I was pointing out where the memory verse was in the Bible, and they asked me ‘What is that?’ So I held up the Bible and explained to them what God’s Word was.”

Then she put an exclamation point on her description of the interaction she had just had with those boys. “It is such a privilege to be able to share the Gospel with children who don’t know anything. It’s such a privilege!”

Far from being shocked (as I was 24 years ago), Fran saw the ministry and opportunity to give some “basic training” to children who are far from God. However it happened, these two precious ones had ended up in Good News Club, and she was thrilled to be able to minister to them.

Children across our area increasingly know nothing about God, Jesus, or the Bible, but our faithful teachers are there to lovingly provide some basic training, with hopes of one day being able to lead them to Christ.

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