The Mighty Missionaries




Monte Vista Elementary in Monterey has been hosting a Good News Club for over 10 years. We’re thankful for Sylvie Mendes who has been the Club leader for the past 8 years. She and her team are seeing the Holy Spirit move in the lives of their kids in some amazing ways. Children love Club so much that they are bringing friends to join them. The team aptly calls this group “The Mighty Missionaries”.


Here are some other ways that God is moving in the lives of these kids. In one instance, Lucy, a second grader, received Jesus as her personal Savior and started calling Good News Club “The Best News Club”!  Another young girl, Analya, wrote on her quiet time sheet “God loves you, sin or no sin. I am forgiven!” Amen, Analya!  The kids’ enthusiasm is quite evident during worship time as they respond to Jesus’s message of hope.

The team at Monte Vista covets your prayers for:

· Increased attendance due to a small drop in numbers because more after-school events are available to the kids this year.

· Encouragement and confidence for their two new team members.

· Continued responses from the children to the gospel message.


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