Family Connections

I used to be a member of a church where everyone seemingly was related to everyone else in some way). Just recently I was visiting with a friend from that church and it came out that two other ladies who were members there were her sisters. I knew them all but didn’t know the connections.

Last month we re-started the Good News Club® at Cunningham Elementary in Turlock. Eight children showed up on the first day, and during the lesson one the girls raised her hand to ask a question. “How can you be a member of your family and God’s family at the same time?” What a great question! I went on to explain that when you receive Christ, God doesn’t take you out of your earthly family, but He gives you the right to become part of His.

After the lesson I was counseling four children who wanted to know more about how to receive Christ as their Savior.

As we talked, a second girl raised her hand and, referring to God’s family, said, “So, my mom is both my mom and my sister.” I smiled as I saw the wheels turning in her head, and her brow furled in deep thought. Here was a small child beginning to put two and two together as to how the connections in God’s family work. It was precious.

“Yes”, I told her, “If your mom has received Christ as her Savior then she is both your mom and your sister. If she hasn’t then she is just your mom.” She took that information in and chewed on it for a while.

66 children have received Christ already this year in Good News Clubs in our area, which means that you and I are related by blood (Christ’s blood) to each one of them. I wish I could introduce you to all of them, but for now it will have to do simply to pray for them. What fun it will be in heaven to make all the connections. It is going to be quite the family reunion!

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