For the Young and Young at Heart

For the Young and Young at Heart

It is already March. Two months from now the Good News Club ministry will be wrapping up for the 2019-2020 School Year. That doesn’t mean, though, that ministry will stop. No, we will be switching gears and heading into parks, front yards, and community centers to preach the Gospel through the 5-Day Club® program. Even right now we are preparing for it.

Many of our Good News Club teachers will be switching hats and donning sunscreen to help reach children during the summer months. But we are also looking for young people, age 13 and up, who will attend a week of training and then go out in teams to also teach 5-Day Clubs with Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Central Valley North area.

I am looking right now to talk with students both individually and in groups who have a heart for God and want to change the world. Do you know any such teens? Would you be willing to let me know who they are?

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