God in the Grocery Store


From the Director
I was in the grocery store and the lady in front of me (6 feet away of course 🙂 looked very familiar. I started a conversation with her and asked how I knew her. She asked me where I worked and I answered, “Good News Clubs”. Immediately she said, “Yes!!! My daughter goes to your club! She has been so down lately, not being able to go to school and all,  but then you sent her that postcard that told her that Jesus loved her! She almost had tears in her eyes. She was so thankful for your postcard”. God had ordained my grocery store time to give me and Mia’s mama encouragement. Thank you Lord!

It’s so exciting that God is still reaching children right now through our efforts. We’re doing Good News Clubs over the internet, utilizing YouTube CEF videos, delivering small gifts to the kids’s home (well, front porches 🙂 and sending them notes in the mail. 

God is still working!


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