Healthcare Hero’s: Doctors, Nurses, EMT’s, Paramedics

Pandemic: A disease prevalent over a whole country or the world. CHECK

Pervasive: An unwelcome influence or physical effect spreading widely. CHECK

Prevalent: Widespread in a particular area or at a particular time. CHECK

All these terms apply to the the conditions we are facing right now. The Corona Virus is a pandemic, pervasive in every community and and becoming more prevalent. The speed of proliferation is a great concern because we lack a proven treatment and it is overwhelming our health care providers, and re-prioritizing health care procedures and systems. I am grateful for the President’s leadership and the amazing work of the heath care team of experts advising him at this time. No one expected this event and no one was prepared in advance but he has mobilized significant partnerships from public and private sector companies during this critical time.

I am also grateful for the those on the front lines of care. Maybe because I still hold an active Registered Nurse license and my first career was in healthcare for 25 years or maybe it’s because my son is now a Registered Nurse and working in an ICU at a local hospital and is on the front line everyday. I am praying for him and all the others and I am proud of what he is doing during such a time as this.

But I am seeing another movement: a pandemic of prayer from all over the world. A welcome influence of neighbor helping neighbor and it seems to be spreading widely. And, it seems the desire to pray is becoming more prevalent as I view social media posts and even on the news and from community leaders. This is a time to humble ourselves and pray. Pray for health, healing, protection but mostly for salvation. May this become a pandemic spiritual revival.

With much love,


Heavenly Father, we come to you because we know that you alone have the answers to our greatest needs. You are faithful and kind to hear us when we call upon you. When everything else in our world is turned upside down, you remain upright. You are steadfast and sure. You are our Rock when every other foundation is shifting sand.

We are grateful that it seems the earliest predictions of this corona virus crisis are not bearing out in reality. Even as the numbers continue to climb, what is being reported worldwide remains much lower than the worst-case scenarios. The increase of critically ill patients are not nearly as devastating to the vast majority of our hospitals as some worried. We praise you for protecting lives and preserving health.

At the same time, we still face many concerns and uncertainties. We pray for wisdom and strength for our government authorities. We pray for the recovery of our economy, which has already experienced significant loss. We pray for the ongoing needs of our medical professionals who will continue to face the effects of this virus when many of us are back to our routines.

As we begin to think about the possibility of things returning to normal “soon”, we want to be mindful of what you have taught us during this time. Many of our fears were revealed by this crisis. We now have a much clearer picture of the things in which we place our trust.

Forgive us for spending more time fretting about our future than calling upon you for comfort. Forgive us for looking to the news rather than your Word for guidance. Forgive us for mocking the fears of others while we harbor fears of our own.

We were reminded of the fragile nature of our fallen world. We are not in control. Many of us are far too dependent upon the stability of our income or the state of our physical health. When those areas are threatened, may we find rest in you alone!

Once again, we are filled with gratitude for the forgiveness that can only be found in Jesus Christ. His atoning death on the cross on our behalf has covered every bit of shame we feel over our unfaithful words, thoughts, and actions. When we are faithless, Christ remains faithful (2 Timothy 2:13)!

Thank you for being a patient and tender Father. Thank you for giving us your Son, an Advocate who ever lives to intercede for us (Hebrews 7:25). Thank you for comforting us through the presence of your Spirit.

For your glory, we ask it, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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