If You Had the Power To Do Anything

If you follow the news for any length of time, you will notice that our world is fascinated with power. From the Halls of congress to maniacal regimes, to armies and weapons and money, we as a people are impressed with our ability to intimidate others and make things happen. But then something as small as a virus comes along and the entire world comes screeching to a halt. We are not as powerful as we think we are.

One of the lesson series in Good News Club® this past year was “Jesus, God of Power and Glory”. The introductory lesson for this series teaches the children about the uniqueness of Christ and asks them this question.  If you had the power to do anything, what would it be?

I was at a club when this question was asked, and was able to hear the children give their answers.

– ‘I would give the homeless a home.”

 – “I would help the homeless.”

– “I would make sure that everyone had enough food to eat.”

I was mildly surprised not to hear any child say that they would get a new car, or new clothes, or get themselves new toys. These were serious requests.

After a child shared that “I would help the homeless”, another child blurted out, “But I am homeless!” I double-checked with one of the teachers and they confirmed that this indeed was the case.

“This is an affluent school”, he said, “yet there are between 30-40 kids who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness.”

If there was ever a time for kids to learn that Jesus has the power to do anything, it is now. He has the power to rescue them from sin, give them peace at home, and set the course of their life in a new direction.

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