Lasting Fruit

Lasting Fruit

Good News Club® teachers oftentimes don’t see whether the children they lead to Christ actually end up passing on their faith to the next generation. Many times children get their first exposure to the Gospel at our clubs and then receive Christ later. Other times they receive Christ and then move away. In many cases we just don’t know for sure. But then there are moments when God pulls back the curtain and lets us see the work that He is doing in the lives of the children that come to know Christ in our clubs. One such moment occurred at the Quick Start training on July 31 in Newman.

Josh Winters is a public school

teacher at Gustine Elementary who helps teach the Good News Club

that started there is September. I asked him to share his testimony with me. He looked me in the eye and told me that he had received Christ in a Good News Club at Brown Elementary School. He couldn’t remember the name of the teacher at first, but when I mentioned Jann Fliflet, he said “Yes, that’s her”. Here is a young man who came to Christ in one of our clubs years ago who is now teaching the next generation not just about facts and figures, but about the Good News of Jesus Christ as well! Many question whether children stick with Christ long term, but Josh is proof of fruit that lasts.

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