Most Important Hour

Most Important Hour

When Nadya and I visited the Good News Club® at Burbank Elementary School in Modesto last January, the Vice-Principal of the school came in and asked to share a few words with the children. After he had their attention Mr. Lopez proceeded to say the following:

“I am so glad that you are in Good News Club, and I want you to know t this hour is the most important hour of the week. I consider the teachers of this club to be heralds. Do you children know what a herald is? A herald is someone that tells you some good news, and these teachers are here to tell you the Good News of Jesus. I’m so glad that you’re here.”

Mr. Lopez shared his perspective as a Christian Administrator with us in September. “This school is in the middle of gang territory, yet the school is considered off limits for fighting, because all of their children go here. Time is short, so a clear presentation of the Gospel is needed now more than ever. The Good News Club is making a difference at Burbank.”

















































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