Praise & Prayer

Praise God for the 667 children reached in Good News Clubs (through January) and for 84 who have made professions of faith.

Praise God for the 120+ volunteers who teach those children week in and week out.

– Doors have closed for now in Stockton, Mountain House, and Oakdale. Pray that God will open them up in His timing.

Pray for clubs in every County Seat. Pray particularly for Mariposa and Merced.

Pray for Joel and the committee as they continue their search for an office.

Pray for a full-time administrative assistant and eight full-time field coordinators (one for each county).

Pray for three new committee members in 2020.

Pray for the upcoming Spring Fundraiser (the second annual “Non-Event”). We are hoping to raise $10,000.

Pray for three high school summer missionaries to teach some 5-Day Clubs® this summer.

Pray for more kids to come to GNC.

A Kid’s Devotional Life

Spending personal time with God is just as important for children as it is for you! God wants to spend time with all of His children. Sadly, many kids have no idea how to have that devotional time. Today I have several things you can

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Can a Young Child be Saved? Part 1

Can a very young child truly be saved and on his way to Heaven? Can he be in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, one of those who is a genuine believer? A Christian educator has said that the faith of a child up

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