Principal Requests Good News Club at His School!

A parent went in to visit his child’s principal to express his concern about the lack of morality in his child’s school. The principal, knowing that the parent was a Christian and he himself being a believer, said, “I can’t do too much to change this,  but you can. There are many Good News Clubs in other public schools and you need to start one here!”

The parent was so excited to hear about that a there were other schools in his city that had Good News Clubs and decided to find out what these clubs were. The parent ended up calling our office and it resulted in our instructors training 30 people to share Jesus with children! We are thrilled to have enough volunteers to start a club at that school. Praise God for that Christian principal!

A Kid’s Devotional Life

Spending personal time with God is just as important for children as it is for you! God wants to spend time with all of His children. Sadly, many kids have no idea how to have that devotional time. Today I have several things you can

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Can a Young Child be Saved? Part 1

Can a very young child truly be saved and on his way to Heaven? Can he be in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, one of those who is a genuine believer? A Christian educator has said that the faith of a child up

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