Spreading God’s Word Through Restrictions

Many things have changed in just a few weeks! The pandemic has changed life for everyone in every country of the earth. It has been an event like no other in any ones life experience. We were deep into the semester, teaching Good News Clubs and had just started the fourth book of the year. Suddenly, every school closed. We didn’t even get to say goodbye to the children!
We quickly needed to assess what to do. How could we stay in touch with the children? How would we be able to encourage them, remind them of Jesus love and disciple them during this time? The Lord had prepared us for such a time as this when we started recording Aaron’s lesson reviews and putting them on our YouTube channel so volunteers could watch them at their convenience. Now, we decided to do songs, memory verses, Bible lessons, missionary stories and devotions on YouTube for not only the children, but also their entire family.
Lynnese, Aaron and Deborah instantly converted our training room into a studio. They filmed many instructional, inspirational and encouraging videos. It takes a lot of time preparing, staging and practicing to put even one video together.
Each of the missionaries collaborated on songs and scripts that would be appealing to the children. They filmed in the office, outside and continue to produce videos every week from home. There are over 50 videos available to view and new ones are posted several times a week.
While the missionary staff were producing video’s, Debbie, Trish and Tammy entered email addresses for over 1,600 Good News Club Families.
As Director, I compose the communication to Good News Club families with a weekly email. Our desire is to remind them of the resources available and to encourage them with songs and fun videos as well.
We continue to pray for the families, our volunteers and for one another. Each of us has personal prayer requests regarding our family members and their health. We are trusting the Lord, one day at a time. We are grateful He is our Shepherd and He is leading the way!


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