Starting at Home

One of the five basic concepts in Christian Growth that we share with the children is the need to tell others about Jesus. Of course, this means that those who lead the children need to model what sharing the Gospel looks like, and then they must also emphasize the need for the Christian child to take the Gospel to others.

Dwight Hunnicutt is one of the teachers at the Sisk Elementary Good News Club. Dwight has been an AWANA missionary for many years and is no stranger to sharing the Gospel.

While visiting the Sisk club last month, Dwight clearly shared the Gospel using a Gospel tool called the Evangecube. The three boys in attendance had obviously heard the message before because they knew all the correct answers.

After club was over Dwight shared with us that they had challenged the children to share the Gospel with others. One of the boys took that challenge to heart and shared it with his entire family. His entire family!

If even 10% of the children in our clubs develop that type of boldness, God will use them to turn their families, neighborhoods, and schools upside down! These children give me hope for our wayward nation, and restores my confidence in the next generation!

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