The Emmaus Road

Archaeologists believe they now know the location of the New Testament town of Emmaus. Since 2017, a French-Israeli expedition has been digging at a site known as Kiriath Yearim, a hill overlooking the approach to Jerusalem a few kilometers west of the city. In Bible times, the site was a walled city about seven miles from Jerusalem.
Walking there in today’s modern maze of streets and political divisions wouldn’t be easy. In a better sense, those who know Jesus are walking the Emmaus Road with Him now, every day. Think of it! As these two discouraged disciples walked with the Savior, He explained the Old Testament to them, showing them how it proved the Messiah would come, suffer, die, and rise again. Their discouragement faded away, and a surging joy came with their new information. Their hearts burned within them.
Our hearts, too, are revived as we walk the Emmaus Road and realize the entire Bible is all about Him, from Genesis to Revelation, both Old and New Testaments. His Word always revives our hearts.

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