Training That Goes Beyond!

I finished my Central Valley South GNC training and student
notes on 6/18/20 and I was called by my Aunt who is one of the
names I placed in my Prayer team for the Managed Fun
training. I was explaining to her about what I have learned
through the CEF training. I told her that what was most
important to me is the way a child is invited to salvation by
showing him/her Gods word and promise in the Bible, not by
my words to the child but proof of what God is saying to
him/her in the verses. Then, we ask the child if they understand
what God is saying. If they are ready to believe in Jesus as their
Savior we do not ask or lead the child in prayer like a repeated
prayer but that we have the child in his/her own words pray
that they believe that Jesus Died for his/her sins and that
he/she wants to live in God’s way. My Aunt, who is 75 years old
and has said she has been a Christian for more than 50 years,
told me she had never heard Salvation explained that way. She
said she remembered repeating a Pastor’s prayer for her but
she had never done so herself from her own words or her
heart. She wanted to do it at this moment as I had explained to
her how a child comes to salvation. She said, because I am a
child of God when I believe, I will do this right now and she
thanked me for explaining to her what I had learned. I know it
was not me but the Holy Spirit at work for my Aunts Salvation.
Thank You Jesus!! Hallelujah, Glory to God! Rejoice in the Lord
for he is Good. His Will, His way, My Faith! Amen.

-Central Valley South Volunteer

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