Warm Welcome on Public School

Out of the blue today, the principal walked up to us and thanked us for being on campus at his school! He asked how many kids attended and wanted us to know that the school was very happy we were there.

We were so excited to see that we have such good support there.
-submitted by a local Good News Club teacher

A Kid’s Devotional Life

Spending personal time with God is just as important for children as it is for you! God wants to spend time with all of His children. Sadly, many kids have no idea how to have that devotional time. Today I have several things you can

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Can a Young Child be Saved? Part 1

Can a very young child truly be saved and on his way to Heaven? Can he be in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, one of those who is a genuine believer? A Christian educator has said that the faith of a child up

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