Zoomin Back to the School Year GNCs and 5Day Clubs!

5day Clubs and GNCs over Zoom.

CEF NorCal staff has taken this pandemic as a challenge. We will not rest until every child in Northern California has the opportunity to hear the Gospel. As a staff we have committed to personal development to become better directors. We have four directors in Children’s Ministry Institute. I am currently taking a course called Teaching Children Effectively. One of my assignments is doing real world teaching. I completed this assignment by doing a 5 day Zoom club with our Silicon Valley Chapter. I had some reservations about doing club online. I am a huge believer in high fives and relationships and I wasn’t sure if we could replicate the community based atmosphere that we cultivate in person. I soon realized how quickly we could breakdown walls through a computer screen. We weren’t having a “Zoom Club” we were having a 5 day club over zoom. Every aspect of club was there and the children loved it. Kids were having a blast memorizing scripture and it didn’t hurt that if they recited the scripture they got to punish a leader with a challenge. I had to do 10 burpees because a student said their scripture and picked me for the punishment.

When it was time for me to teach, I knew the children and they knew me. We had played games, sang songs, and had a blast. I had the honor of teaching about Zacchaeus climbing a tree and Jesus finding him. Nervously, I gave the bible story. After I told them that Jesus comes to seek and save the lost, I gave them an invitation to become a child of God. Four children decided that they wanted to follow Jesus. What is awesome about Zoom is that they have break out rooms. So, me and another leader went to a different virtual room with the students and made sure they knew what they were getting into. Each one prayed that Jesus would forgive them for their sins and that they would have a relationship with the God who created them.

Before I experienced using Zoom to do ministry, I had my questions. What I realized is that the Holy Spirit is bigger than any obstacle that we face. Currently, we are getting ready to do our Good News Clubs. Some clubs will take place on public school campuses. We are excited to provide a space where children can hear the Gospel in person. In other places we will not be able to meet in person. In those places we will still do GNCs over Zoom and I am confident that the Holy Spirit will be logging on.

Please consider “Zooming into the School Year” with CEF NorCal. We need your help to meet the new needs of the children in Northern California. Costs of running a GNC do not go down because we are using an online platform. We still provide materials to teachers, and take home follow up materials for the children as well as the costs of training our volunteers. Effectively using Zoom is going to take a tremendous amount of training for new and old volunteers. Our staff is going to have their work cut out for them. To “Zoom into the School Year” please pray about volunteering or donating using one of the links below.

Will You Help?

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