Zoomin’ through CYIA

Zoomin’ into the School Year Day 3

God has blessed our Christian Youth in Action program. Young people are vital to our ministry and the future of this organization. Without young people we become stale and out of touch, and eventually we go extinct. CYIA has been and is still vital to our growth.
This year we had two CYIA programs. We held a shortened version and socially distanced version in Greater Sacramento. We also held our commuter CYIA over Zoom.
When asked about our in person camp, our Local Director in Greater Sacramento said, “It was amazing! We trained 46 teenagers and adults how to share the Gospel with children.”
I got to experience the effectiveness of our Zoom CYIA when I joined with some teens to do a 5Day club over Zoom. All four of the teens were amazing and gifted. I was blown away by how effectively they shared the Gospel and how encouraging they were to me and to each other. On the last day of club one of our teachers had internet issues and could not reconnect to the club. Justin, a 14-year-old CYIA grad, jumped in and took on all of the missing teacher’s roles. Because of Justin’s call to spread the Gospel and his training at CYIA he was able to save the last day of our 5day club. Any one of the CYIA grads on that team could have done what Justin did, but Justin’s number was called and he answered.

The Corona Virus has changed the typical high schooler student’s work flow. Last year, it was difficult for a high school student to be a teacher in a GNC, this year, its all they can do. Most extra curricular are cancelled, if their school is meeting its typically for only half of the time, and on top of that we have more opportunities to serve in GNCs at different times. There are so many challenges with covid, but one thing we are finding is that teens are eager to “Zoom into the School Year’ with us.

Would you consider Zooming in with us as well? With a new pool of teachers comes new opportunities for ministry to present themselves. We need to make sure we have all the resources and volunteer power to meet the new needs. Please pray about volunteering with us and/or making a donation!

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