Zoomin through the Budget!

Zoomin’ into the School Year! Day 5

All week we have talked about the amazing things that have been going on in CEF NorCal over the summer and how we intend to continue to reach children with the Gospel despite the virus’ best effort to slow us down.

Evangelism is God’s work. If we stop singing God’s praises the rocks would cry out. I feel the same way about CEF NorCal. God does not need us to accomplish His ministry, but He chooses to use us because it is a blessing. My hope and prayer is that your involvement with CEF would be a blessing to you as it has been to me. Here is our yealy budget to show our specific financial needs.

Directors and other Staff: $800,000

Directors are vital to the success of the local committees and the local chapters. On average it costs about $100,000 a year to fund a full-time director. This includes taxes and expenses like mileage. Right now, we have five fully funded directors. Our newest director in Northern Counties is working hard to secure funding. Once Northern Counties is in a healthy financial position the State Board intends to turn its focus to the Bay Area where we need to hire two more directors.

Program Expenses: $360,000


Our expenses for ministry have not gone down because of COVID. While some of our boots on the ground ministry has been delayed, our intention is to provide an alternative for each club or outreach. What has been amazing about the pandemic is that it has opened doors to new schools that we weren’t in before. Whole school districts have given approval for GNCs on Zoom and have begun advertising them. We believe that this will increase our reach in 2021.
The cost of a Good News Club varies by chapter but on average it cost $1200 a year for all the training, supplies, and room fees. Throughout the state we had just under 300 after school programs. This puts the yearly budget for GNCs at roughly $360,000 per year.

Administration: $300,000


Keeping children safe is largely done by administration. CEF NorCal has a tremendous Child Protection Policy and we take every measure to provide a safe environment for children to hear the Gospel. We also go above and beyond to keep Volunteers, Staff, and Board and Committee members safe. This is done through strict financial policies, comprehensive training, and full coverage insurance. Administration staff, services, and software, total roughly about $300,000

Total Budget: $1,500,000

Including training, growth, and fundraising cost our total budget is just under 1.5 Million dollars.
Now that you have a clear picture of this monumental task we have to reach children, I want to ask you to consider supporting.

If anyone has $1,500,000 burning a hole in their pocket, we would gladly put it to good use. I do not think that’s what God has for us though. I believe that evangelism is an all hands effort. Throughout the bible God uses groups of people to accomplish great works.

One way to support is through a one-time gift. Any amount will be appreciated and used to help spread the Gospel.

Another way is by giving a monthly donation. Monthly giving is the life blood of a Para Church ministry. A monthly gift helps the staff and board set an appropriate budget and helps us know what money we can count on to push the ministry forward.

And most importantly we need you to donate your heart and prayers. If you are reading day 5 of a 5-day newsletter it is safe to say that you are invested.  Please consider digging in deeper with us. Volunteer in a GNC, join a committee, or just pick up the phone and tell a friend about CEF and the wonderful ministry that is happening in their backyard. Most importantly we need your prayers.

At the bottom of this letter there are a few buttons. If you can donate, please use the “Donate Button”. This will take you to an online giving portal that can help you make a gift. If you are considering volunteering please select the “Volunteer” button. This will take you to our website and guide you through all the volunteer options. At the bottom of this newsletter we have an Instagram, Facebook, and a Website button. Please like and follow us on social media. Our hope is that social media will help tell CEF NorCal’s story to a whole new audience.

Thank you so much for your involvement in CEF.
Tony Cruz

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