Zoomin With Staff and Committee

Zoomin’ into the School Year Day 4

It takes a tremendous amount of Godly leadership for an organization to “Zoom into the School Year” during a global pandemic. CEF NorCal has been blessed with an amazing leader at every level. For the sake of brevity, I want to share with you specifically how our Directors, Board, and Local Committees have responded to Covid 19. What I love about our leadership teams is that they have a vision and stick to it. Our teams are not reactionary. We stay true to our calling and are flexible so that we don’t miss an opportunity. Our teams do not react in fear to outside circumstances. We believe our God is bigger than any situation. We also know that God called us to give every child in Northern California the opportunity to hear the gospel. These factors have led to growth during a  global crisis.

CEF NorCal had made the plan to hire Andrea Meyer for our Northern Counties chapter. The Local Committee and State Board felt like God was calling us to grow the ministry and that God provided the right leader for the Job. Andrea has since moved her family to Northern Counties and has done a great job taking on the leadership of the chapter. I am blown away by her willingness to jump into an insanely difficult situation and thrive. Andrea has been steadfast in her calling and the chapter is already better for it.

All around the state God is moving. Here are just some of the highlights. Silicon Valley, Greater Sacramento, Central Valley South, and Central Coast teamed up to run two amazing Christian Youth in Action camps. Central Valley South has done amazing work through YouTube to share the Gospel and is hosting the 2nd Annual Darrell Rogers Golf Tournament. Central Valley North was able to secure an office and is putting themselves in a great position to grow the staff. Our Staff in Silicon Valley has held virtual trainings for the other chapters on how to run great clubs over Zoom. Central Coast is hosting a online Auction. I could go on and on about what God is doing through this ministry.  These things don’t happen without high functioning local committee working hand in hand with a high quality director.

God is moving through the State Board as well. Last meeting, we voted on a new member, Craig Mechling. Craig is an awesome guy, a great culture fit, and he possesses a skill set that the State Board has been praying for. Our Prayer Chairman has continued to hold open prayer calls for the staff. The State office has also completely re-hauled our website.  God is moving and the work we are doing during this pandemic is going to led to tremendous ministry growth.

In the current economic climate it will be difficult to support the upcoming ministry growth and the new challenges that come with retraining volunteers and software needs. We need you to Zoom into the School year with us. If you can please donate. If you can donate time please consider becoming a teacher or committee person, if you can give financially please do that as well. Above all else please cover us in prayer.

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